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This mod will change your HUD (Heads up display) and your interface in general.
THis mod used to be called “RPG-Hud” but it is no longer only changing the Hud hence the name change to “Interface+” (or “InterfacePlus”).

  • Health bar
  • Health value
  • Hunger bar
  • Hunger value
  • xp bar
  • xp value
  • breath bar
  • breath value
  • displays if specific armor piece is under 50% durability
  • displays if specific armor piece is under 25% durability
  • horse jumpbar
  • horse health
  • player face at the widget
  • will notify you if an update is available
  • settings gui
  • visible status effects
  • item tooltips
  • hunger preview
  • ingame time display

Feel free to submit some features, you like to see in the mod.
This mod should work with most of the other mods, which don’t use the GuiIngame class.

I know, all of you want pictures, before you decide to download a mod so here they are:

For more detailed screenshots of the old “RPG-Hud” look here:

And here is the download link:

IMPORTANT: You are allowed to post this Mod on other Websites, but you are not allowed to use custom download links. Either refer to this thread or use the provided download links below!

(Adfly) Interface+ v 1.1 [1.7.10]
Interface+ v 1.1 [1.7.10]

If you want an old “RPG-Hud” version look here:
click here for the 1.7.10 versions
click here for the 1.7.2 versions

And here are the installing instructions (pretty easy though):

  • Download the mod (surprise, surprise!)
  • Download Forge *link* (If you already have it, skip this and the forge installing)
  • Install Forge (probably use the installer for it and then run minecraft with forge once and close it
  • Put the .jar file in your mods directory
  • Start Minecraft with Forge and enjoy!

So you may want to look at the changelog:

Version 1.1

  • HUD: fixed armor placement bug
  • added Healthbars for mobs
  • added buttontooltips for new gui style

Version 1.0.2

  • disabled Block Tooltips (Caused the Game to crash)
  • added new smooth Gui Style (Still experimental, but check it out)
  • added Logo Screen

Version 1.0.1

  • fixed some settings problems
  • fixed creative mode HUD bugs
  • added first start settings GUI
  • added settings button to main menu

Version 1.0

  • implemented all features of RPG-Hud 2.5.1
  • added clock widget
  • added hunger preview
  • added tooltips

For the changelog of the old “RPG-Hud” look here:

Version 2.5.1

  • fixed air bar postition
  • fixed jump bar size and position
  • fixed issues that took place while riding a horse

Version 2.5

  • new hud type: full texture
  • new hud type: hotbar widget
  • fixed the odd armor position
  • fixed the odd armor helper position
  • add hat layer to player face in the widget

Version 2.4

  • fixed most compatiblity issues

Version 2.3

  • added blinking status effects
  • added small version of status effect
  • better organizied settings

Version 2.2

  • fixed armor helper bug (should now be visible)
  • added status effects

Version 2.1

  • added armor helper (durability) – as known it does not pop up (known bug)
  • added configuration gui
  • added update notification

Version 2.0Pre changes

  • Clean new Mod (Old Features might be not included)!
  • Forge Version!
  • added health bar
  • added hunger bar
  • added xp bar
  • added breath bar
  • added health value
  • added horse health bar
  • added horse jump bar
  • added player face to the hud

Version 1.4 changes

  • Added settings:
    • Enable/disable the mod
    • Choose hud style
    • Choose a color for ech bar
    • Choose the size of the armor durability viewer
    • Enable/Disable number values

Version 1.3.1 changes

  • Fixed a bug that causes minecraft to crash upon using a boat or minecart

Version 1.3 changes

  • added function that’ll notify the player if a new version of this mod is available
  • minor bugfixes

Version 1.2 changes

  • Set new HUD style
  • added horse health bar
  • added horse jump bar
  • added player face to the hud

Version 1.1 changes

  • Updated to Forge
  • Updated to 1.6.2 MC

Version 1.0.1 changes

  • Fixed Armor Warning

Version 1.0 changes:

  • added health bar
  • added hunger bar
  • added xp bar
  • added breath bar
  • added health value
  • added armor durability warning

The mod “Interface+” is Copyright © 2015 by KurodaAkira and the intellectual property of the author.
It may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, private use as long as it remains in its unaltered, unedited form.
It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission.
Use of this mod on any other website or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited and a violation of copyright.

3 thoughts on “InterfacePlus”

    1. ok, i need to explain, the mod tinkers construct add some animated crossbar , and doesn’t work with your awesome interface… T_T.
      And always with tinkers, when i extend my HP the render of the life bar bug too.
      I know It’s stile WIP, It’s really good and interesting mod, if I’ve some time I’ll help you ! Keep calm and Carry on.

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